About Red Horizon


Red Horizon is a diverse acoustic trio made up of vocals, guitar and bass. Originally Ashlea and Andi met in the Red Lion pub. After discovering a mutual interest in music Andi asked if Ashlea would sing on one of his tracks, this went so well they decided to form a band.  Andi, having known Martin since their school days and having a musical history together invited him along to play bass making the duo a trio and Red Horizon was formed! Although we have only been playing since July 2011 the amount of positve feedback and growth in popularity has been amazing.

Thank you to everyone for their support!


Red Horizon 

Ashlea Pullinger, lead vocalist of Red Horizon, profile image shows her smiling
Ashlea: Lead Vocals

Hey guys, Im Ashlea lead vocalist of Red Horizon, been singing since July 2011 so not very long at all. Main reason i started singing was down to a very talented friend of mine Lauren Hurlow. Since meeting Andi and Martin my music career has really kicked off!
I'm a massive fan of acoustic music inspired but artists such as Ed Sheeran, Paolo Nutini, Bon Iver and too many more to list! Currently learning the guitar and plan to learn piano very soon. I love singing with a passion and love to sing to people!
First song i ever wrote was Nightmare and im very proud of it. Love being in Red Horizon and just want to say a massive thank you to everyone for their support! xx

Andi Lee Davis guitarist for Red Horizon, shows Andi laughing
Andi: Guitar

Hi my name is Andi Lee Davis I am the guitarist of Red Horizon. I first learn't to play guitar when I was nine, but really began to "get into it" in my early teens. Joining Martins band in 1991 (Knights of Shame), Intrigue 1994-1995; whilst continuing with Martin in Insert 1993 to 1998. 1999 - 2011 (Solo and not doing much).

I have played a variety of guitar styles over the years but now favour acoustic works. I play to a variety of tunings on the guitar.

Martin: Bass

Alright! I'm Martin the bass player of Red Horizon. I brought my first bass at the age of 12 and still gig with it to this very day.

I joined Andi in the high school covers band the Knights of Shame in '91 but by '93 decided it was time to move on and became one of the founder members of originals band Insert.

We had a pretty good run in Insert, won some competitions, gigged a lot and even scored a record deal but by '98 it all fizzled out. I've dabbled a bit as a sessional artist and in a couple of other bands but nothing serious until Andi played Ashlea singing A Team on his phone, through an old pair of earphones, at a friends party.